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Continez software provide expert team, low cost, simple, smart, intuitive, feature rich application/product development services to customers worldwide. We are dedicated to technology, consulting, outsourcing, offshoring services to clients worldwide.

Continez is an exclusive IT solution provider in wide range of industry verticals with customer specifc service models with energetic professionals with innovative ideas, cost efficiency, time to market, high quality with latest technologies, tools, industry proven best practices and execution model.

We have created strategic alliance with SoftBits inc in Canada. Continez software and Softbits Inc. are working on cutting edge projects for overseas clients. We share our resources for marketing, design, develop and deliver reliable and effective software solutions and services.

Our presence in Canada has been a trust factor for our clients and business.

Rapid Application Development

Some specific business needs an application in less time to make presence in market/online to support/enable business. We better understand this need and have capabilities to deliver faster. We make this possible using built-in frameworks, already available open source tools (free or license as per requirements) and using proprietary software’s which needs less development effort, less cost and skill to integrate those available frameworks. We have proven and have certified skilled professionals to cater/address business needs quickly in timely manner.

Long-Term Business Relation

We help clients who are growing and need to own low cost offshore development center for long time to reduce business operation cost of BPO, call center, software development and other IT services. Client can execute partnership/alliance/agreement with us to provide office space for specific number of resources and this is going to be cost effective surely in India than any other well known country in world. We have right professionals to help client setup their ODC in India. Regarding this, we request client to visit India at least once to know about overall process after initial setup but before finalization because client may be interested to take final decision

Cost Effective Services

India is known for better and low cost professionals (subject to find/have good and skilled resources). We are Indian company and can offer/search/find better professionals for our customers. Also, deciding on application after complete study helps to select best fit technology stack, resources and infrastructure and operation cost. We are very careful about all this to choose right and low cost or free open source technologies and tools which result ultimately in low cost deliveries.

High Quality and Performance

Companies like Google, Facebook, You Tube etc has already proved that hybrid approach of application development better than any typical proprietary technology framework. Also, built-in/already available open source tools and technologies are reliable if selected carefully. Because they are already proven for better quality/performance and needs only integration/customization effort to build application. Above approach produces better result with high quality and performance. And after that we apply other quality tools on top of that to make quality best of deliverables.

Why Continez

We understand that software must be built on a solid foundation. Failing to consider key scenarios, failing to design for common problems, or failing to appreciate the long term consequences of key decisions can put your application at risk. Modern tools and platforms help to simplify the task of building applications, but they do not replace the need to design your application carefully, based on your specific scenarios and requirements. The risks exposed by poor architecture include software that is unstable, is unable to support existing or future business requirements, or is difficult to deploy or manage in a production environment. Systems should be designed with consideration for the user, the system (the IT infrastructure), and the business goals. For each of these areas, you should outline key scenarios and identify important quality attributes (for example, reliability or scalability) and key areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Where possible, develop and consider metrics that measure success in each of these areas. More reasons to select us for services:

  • Understand global ROI, Quality demand, and Building trust
  • Have certified, qualified and experienced resources
  • Have right approach and skills for customer need
  • Flexible solution model to customers
  • Multiple execution model for assignments as required
  • Expert team executing Mission critical, Business Critical applications
  • Expert team executing small to large applications and products
  • Have many domain expertise
  • Learned lessons from past global experiences
  • Do not hesitate to deny for services that we can't provide

Mission Statement

We have learned and understood a lot about client's expectation from our past experience. We are here to make customer happy and overcome functionality conflicts, on-time delivery, expected level of quality, performance, actual value for investment and more than expected. Our mission being IT Solutions Company is to make clients happy with solutions and budget but not with promise and magic words only. Our client will surely realize our skills/capacity/capabilities during first discussion or step towards solution approach.

Indeed, we want to grow fast and this is only possible when client has "Feel good" feeling from our services.Continez has passionate and skilled team and we know that passion and right skill always surpass expectations. Continez team trusts to make client feel like Continez is a part/department of client organization and provide more than business need or we were agreed as per SOW. Also We analyze client business in different directions and come up with suggestion and solutions to enable business in more meaningful way. But this is limited to client interest.


  • Insurance & Investment
  • Lending & Trading
  • Mortgage & Payments
  • Real Estate & Travel
  • Hospitality & Logistics
  • Enterprise e-Commerce
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Services Overview

  • Web/Cloud Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Technology Consulting
  • Application Support & Maintenance
  • Offshore Technology Center
  • Product Lifecycle Management
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Address: Kharadi, Pune, India
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Telephone: +91 20 27041046
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